65 German Delicacies For Your Charcuterie Board

Brotzeit (bread time), also called Abendbrot (evening bread) is a popular German meal or dinner consisting of an array of open-faced sandwiches, with a large variety of breads, an array of cold meat cuts and cheeses, pickled vegetables, salad and fresh-cut vegetables, a variety of condiments and usually beer, wine schorle or mineral water. 

This meal is true to the German saying: "eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper." The key protein elements to this nutritious, easy-to-make meal are a choice of cold meat cuts and cheeses,  complemented with the aromatic flavor of crusty German bread, hearty whole grain breads and pretzels,refined by tart pickles, freshly-cut raw veggies (carrots, peppers, radishes, cucumbers), served with culinary oils and fresh butter as well as a variety of German sweet, medium or hot mustard.

Of course, many German families use this occasion for leftovers and may also serve "Frikadellen" (cold hamburger patties dipped in hot mustard), cheese spätzle or soups.

Brotzeit (a term often used in Bavaria for lunch) or Abendbrot (a term used all over Germany for a bread-bases evening dinner) are an integral part of German cuisine.

All the items listed below are popular ingredients for Brotzeit and can be purchased in our store. Simply click the link of any product that will take you to the respective page.

German-style Cold Cuts

  1. Fleischwurst (German-style Bologna):
  2. Gelbwurst (Bavarian-style light-colored pork/veal sausage with yellow-orange casing)
  3. Gelbwurst mit Petersilie (Gelbwurst with Parsley)
  4. Bierwurst (German Bologna with ham)
  5. Austrian (Tyrolian) Jagdwurst
  6. Jägerwurst (Fine and coarsely ground pork with beef and peas)
  7. Landjäger Dry Cured Salami
  8. Blutwurst (Blood Sausage)
  9. Sülze (Head Cheese)
  10. Leberwurst, fein (Bavarian-style Liverwurst, finely ground)
  11. Leberwurst, grob (Berlin-style Liverwurst, coarsely ground)
  12. Leberkäse (Kalb) (Bavarian-style pork and veal loaf)
  13. Leberkäse (Rind) (Bavarian-style pork and beef loaf)
  14. Teewurst (Teawurst, a fine meat pate)
  15. Oldenburger Streichwurst (pork liver pate,coarsely ground, Oldenburg-style)
  16. Gänseleberpastete (goose liver pate, made from pork and goose)
  17. Schweinsleberpastete (pork liver pate, gold medal winner in international competition)
  18. Kalbsleberpastete (calves liver pate, made from pork and veal)
  19. Black Forest Schinken (smoked, spiced prosciutto-style ham)
  20. Nussschinken (Westphalian-style lean, cured pork ham)
  21. Bündnerfleisch (Swiss-style lean, cured and pressed beef top ham)


  1. Handkäse
  2. Limburger
  3. Cambozola
  4. Bavarian Brie
  5. Bavarian Camembert


   Whole Grain

  1. German Pumpernickel
  2. Westphalian Pumpernickel
  3. Whole Rye
  4. Fitness Bread
  5. Three Grain (rye, oat, wheat)
  6. Sunflower Seed
  7. Müsli
  8. Vegan
  9. Protein
  10. Walnut Protein
  11. Carrot Protein
  12. Almond Protein
  13. Rye & Spelt
  14. Flax Seed
  15. Flax Seed & Chia
  16. Amaranth & Quinoa


  1. Pretzel, regular 4 oz
  2. Pretzel, large 10 oz
  3. Pretzel Sandwich Bun
  4. Pretzel Sausage Bun
  5. Pretzel Hamburger Bun

   Crisp breads

  1. Knäckebrot (Nordic Crisp Breads)
  2. Zwieback

Pickled Vegetables

  1. Crunchy Gherkins
  2. Mini Gherkins
  3. Barrel Pickles
  4. Spreewald Pickles
  5. Dill Pickles
  6. Hungarian-style Pickles
  7. Polish-style Pickles
  8. Mustard Pickles
  9. Gin Pickles
  10. Whiskey Pickles
  11. Cornichons
  12. Red Beets
  13. Cut Carrots
  14. Cut Celery


  1. Extra-Hot Düsseldorf Mustard
  2. Medium Hot German Mustard
  3. Sweet Bavarian Mustard
  4. Sauce Remoulade
  5. German Mayonnaise