US and Canada Shipments only: Our store is located in the area of Washington DC and we ship our products to all destinations within the continental USA, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Canada. Our mission is to get you as many products as you ordered as fast as possible. We source from the leading US importers and distributors and even purchase from other retailers. Some parts of your order may be shipped directly from our import partner.

We ship to Canada.  Any applicable duties, taxes and custom processing fees, if applicable, have to be paid by the customer. Generally, shipping costs to Canada start about $20.00, even for small orders. Please call toll-free 1-800-881-6419 for more information.

APO/FPO Shipments: Shipments to an APO/FPO address must be sent via standard USPS priority mail cannot be guaranteed to arrive by a specific date. Perishable food products are not be suitable for APO/FPO shipments.

International Shipments: At this time, we do not ship internationally.

Time to pack and ship: We're a small business and do not offer same or next day fulfillment service, which you can get at very large retail stores. On average, it takes about 2-3 business days to pack and ship an order. Occasionally during the peak season before Christmas, it may take us up to 8 days to get to pick and ship an order. If you need a guaranteed shipping time or a specific delivery window, please add a note to us during check out and select 1-2 day delivery methods.

Choice of Shipping Service: Our website offers many choices of USPS, UPS or FedEx delivery methods. Depending on your choice of service and the shipping destination, your package may arrive between 1-5 days. We are located in the Washington DC area. So, shipments to  California will take anywhere between 3 business days (USPS Priority Mail) to 5 business days (Fed Ex or UPS Ground). We reserve the right to choose the most reliable and cost effective shipping carrier, even if you selected a different carrier during checkout. For example, we may choose to ship with USPS, even if you selected UPS as a carrier for perishable items

During peak season (Oct -Dec): All shipping services get overwhelmed when high demand overloads their system, or they suffer labor and capacity shortages. Delivery times may take up to 2 weeks. During peak season, we do not guarantee delivery of ground and expedited shipping methods and will not issue a refund, if a packages are delayed. If you want to have some certainty that packages are getting delivered, please choose expedited shipping methods.

Lost packages: We won't issue refunds, if package show "Delivered' on a carrier's websites, but you did not receive the package within 2-3 weeks after shipment. Occasionally, packages are delivered to a neighbor, occasionally a package is subject to porch theft. If a package gets completely lost in the supply chain of a carrier (a rare occasion) and the Status remains "Undelivered" on a carrier's website, we will either refund the products you purchased or send you a high value coupon to offset the costs of a replacement purchase.

Availability of Inventory: It is inherent in the specialty food industry, that not all items are available at all times. We do not automatically indicate on our website that items are out of stock, because we buy them from a number of suppliers, even other retailers, to be able to complete an order. Depending on the availability of supply your order may ship within 2-3 days or in 1-2 weeks. We will let you know if an item is out of stock and will either give you an estimated time of delivery, suggest a similar item of equal value as replacement or will refund the payment of this item and ship the remaining items.  In some cases, we reserve the right to replace out-of-stock products with similar products from the same manufacturer that are of equal or higher value, or issue a partial or full refund of the order, without prior notification. We don't ship parts of orders or ship back orders free of charge.

Fighting food waste: Throwing away perfectly safe and edible food is not just an economic loss. It also contributes to the depletion of natural resources and environmental damages caused by mass agriculture. We are committed to do our part to reduce food waste through recycling and best practices inventory management.

Best Before Dates:  Frequently, manufacturers us short Best Before Date to artificially increase sales on packaged products and increase turnover. The vast majority of packaged products are perfectly safe to eat and experience no loss of quality up to 3 months past the stated shelf life. This is why we sell and ship our shelf stable, imported products

  • at normal or promotional price within 1 month of the stated shelf life
  • at greatly reduced prices during the last month of the stated shelf life (indicated by SALES added to the product name)
  • at prices significantly below our purchasing cost, within 3 months beyond the Best Before (indicated by DEAL added to the product name. The Best By Date months will be indicated in the product description)

Pre-Orders: Many of our products are seasonal and available only in limited quantities (for example, German Christmas goodies or new product introductions). Before we have physical inventory in our warehouse, these products can be pre-ordered. This guarantees that you'll receive this item on a "first-come-first-serve" basis. Please note: pre-orders have to be placed separately. When your order contains everyday and seasonal (pre-order) items (for example, bratwurst sausages and Christmas gingerbreads), we will ship your order when we received all products and let you know accordingly. If you need the everyday items sooner, please let us know and we'll refund the pre-order. You can then place a new order for the seasonal items. 

Product Pictures: Manufacturers frequently change the package design and even the name of a product, even if the product inside does not change.  So, what we show on the website may not always or necessarily reflect the most current appearance of the product, although we are doing our best to keep up and give you the most accurate description and picture. We do not refund any payment for products with packaging design and/or product names that are different from what is shown on the website.

Shipping Perishables to warm weather areas:  Please read our Shipping Perishable Products page for more information. We only ship perishable items on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to ensure that your order arrives the same week we ship. All perishable and heat-sensitive items (sausages, cheese, bread, chocolates) will packed with ice and in thermal insulation. A surcharge for extra packaging will be applied at checkout and we only ship perishable orders with 2 or 3 Day Express (please select that option during check-out). At certain times (during inclement weather situations (for example), we may delay the shipment.

Orders may ship in multiple boxes and arrive separately. We take great care to ensure that your products arrive in good condition.

Sourcing and Shipping Variances: A flat 9.65% charge is added to all orders to offset variations in handling, packing, shipping or product sourcing costs (when we have to procure products from retailers or multiple distributors), as well as local MD tax(of applicable).

We do not have a minimum order quantity for the purchase of individual items. However, shipping costs make sense when the minimum purchase value is above $25.00.

Coupon codes, that we offer from time to time, can be redeemed at checkout to reduce the overall cost of the purchase. Usually, coupon codes can only used once per customer during a calendar year. We do not accept coupon codes for Wholesale Purchase or Special Deals.

Promotions: Unless otherwise stated, any promotion, special deal, or discounts advertised in newsletters, social media or in our store are good for 1 week after publication and subject to available inventory.

Receipt of Product: please use a ship-to address where someone will be available to accept the package at the time of delivery (home or business). Only USPS ships to P.O. Box addresses. If you or your gift recipient is not present at the time of delivery and damage occurs (i.e. melting, breakage or theft of the package) as a result of delay in claiming the package, we accept no responsibility and will issue no refund.

Damaged products: Some of the products in our assortments such as sausages or jams) come in glass jars and may break during delivery. We make any effort to pack our shipments as secure and tight as possible, but cannot guarantee that a breakage will not occur. If you receive damaged products, please take a photo and send it to immediately after you discovered the damage (latest within 12 hours). We will re-ship the damaged item or issue a refund.

Returns Policy: All purchases are final. Please check your order carefully.

We are committed to your satisfaction, and make every effort to pack your order carefully to arrive in good condition. You have a right to expect that our products will be delivered to you as described on our site.

We do not offer store credits or refunds when:

  • Products were delivered intact and as described, but don't match the personal taste of the recipient.
  • The person ordering provided an incorrect shipping address.
  • The person ordering selected products or quantities in error.
  • The person receiving the order was not available when the order was delivered.
  • The problem was not reported within 7 days of delivery.
  • Errors due to fraudulent orders

The Taste of will not refund shipping costs for any orders.

If you have any questions or concerns about your order , please contact us by email or call 1-800-881-6419.