Shipping perishable foods and beverages on warm-weather days or to warm-weather regions requires some extra care and expenses. And, due to global climate change, days with temperatures exceeding 78° Fahrenheit become more frequent throughout the year.

We ship heat-sensitive items (chocolates) or perishable products (sausages, cheeses, pretzels) during summer and on warm days in thermal insulation and with ice packs. In most cases, based on many years of experience, the products will arrive just fine at the destination within 1-2 days of shipping time.

However, we do not guarantee that our perishable items won't thaw, warm or melt during the transport. This is especially true when packages are not taken immediately into the home when they are dropped off by the selected carrier.

Please note: We will not refund your payment or ship replacement products for any orders with heats-sensitive or perishable products for which you did not select 2nd Day Air or Overnight Shipping.

If you are concerned or do not want to take any risk, please purchase our special perishable shipping case and choose Fed Ex or UPS "Next Day, 2nd Day" as your shipping options. Incremental costs will apply.

During the warm weather season (April 15 to October 15), we ship heat-sensitive (chocolates) or perishable items (sausages, cheese, pretzels) to destinations West of the Mississippi only on Monday and Tuesday to ensure that your order arrives the same week we ship and packages won't sit in hot warehouses over the weekend.  We'll ship to destinations that are 1-2 days from Washington DC on Wednesday.

During times of severe weather situations (hurricanes, blizzards, severe thunderstorms) we may delay shipments to the affected regions until the weather has normalized.