Q: Does The Taste of Germany have any physical retail stores?
A: No, we only operate online. If you live in the Greater Washington DC area, you have the option to pick up your order at our warehouse in Rockville and save the shipping costs.

Q: Why do you charge a Shipping and Sourcing Variation fee, when my state does not demand taxes for food or online purchases?
: We source and compile hard-to-find products from different importers, buy some products from local retailers at full retail prices, or use extra packaging materials to complete an order. To offset some of these incremental costs, we charge a flat 4.5% fee at checkout on all purchases to offset varying costs.

Q: Do you require a minimum spending amount for my order: 
No.  However, online purchase and shipping costs only makes economical sense, with the purchase value exceeds $25.00.

Q: Do you offer wholesale prices for case size orders
A: Yes, you can order any item we offer in our store by the case and receive significant discounts. The higher the purchase volume, the higher the discount (up to 30% off the published price).

Q: Do you mail out printed or PDF catalogs
A: No, we do not produce or print catalogs, because our product selection and availability varies week by week. Browse each category of our website to discover all of the 1,100+ products that we offer.

Q: I would like to buy some Christmas gifts for my staff. Does The Taste of Germany.com have a corporate gift program?
A: Yes, we welcome corporate orders. Please email us with your requirements.

Q: May I ship multiple packages to multiple addresses?
A: Yes, but you will need to put in a new order for each destination. You will be charged standard shipping and handling rates for each "ship-to" address.

Q: I received a gift from a friend that I do not really like. May I return it for something else?
A: No, unfortunately we cannot accept returns at this time. Please let us know and we may allow discounts for future purchases.

Q: Do you ship to Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or overseas?
A: Yes, but shipping costs vary. Please call to place order.

Q: How do I access my account and check the status of my order?
A: To check the current status, log in and click the order number. If you never created an account, use the password recovery option to create and access your account. Your orders are accociated with your email address, so use the email address your order confirmation was sent to.

Q: How can I update my shipping address?
A: The best way to change the address of your order is by contacting us with your order number, full name and address correction. We will then change the Ship-To address and send you an updated order confirmation.

Q: Can you notify me when out-of-stock products are back in inventory or can I order products that are currently not in stock?
A: Yes! Click on your favorite product and add your email in the Notify Me bar at the bottom of the listing. Also, we frequently make certain products available for pre-order.

Q: Why is my shipment of seasonal products delayed
A: The Taste of Germany prides itself in making hard-to-find, unique food products from Germany and Europe available to you. Your products travel well over ten thousand miles before they reach you. The journey can take around 1 month and we may experience further delays with US customs, port strikes, weather at sea and other factors. The lead times for procuring seasonal products can be 9 months or more, which is challenging to plan appropriate inventory levels for. We're ever improving our forecasting to ensure we have the products you ordered.