Q: Does The Taste of Germany have any physical retail stores?
A: No, we only operate online. You possibly can find some of the products offered on this website at specialty food retailers in your area. Please check our "Find a retailer" list on germanfoods.org. If you cannot find an item in your area, please contact us and we may direct you further.

Q: Why do you charge a Shipping and Sourcing Variation fee, when my state does not demand taxes for food or online purchases?
: As we source and compile hard-to-find products from different importers, buy some products from local retailers at full retail prices, or use extra packaging materials to complete an order, we charge a flat 9.65% fee at checkout on all purchases to offset varying costs.

Q: Do you require a minimum spending amount for my order: 
No.  Yet, online purchase and shipping costs only makes economical sense, with the purchase value exceeds $25.00.

Q: Do you offer wholesale prices for case size orders
A: Yes, you can order any item we offer in our store by the case and receive significant discounts. The higher the purchase volume, the higher the discount (up to 30% off the published price).

Q: Do you mail out printed or PDF catalogs
A: No, we do not produce or print catalogs, because our product selection and availability varies week by week. Browse each category of our website to discover all of the 1,100+ products that we offer.

Q: I would like to buy some Christmas gifts for my staff. Does The Taste of Germany.com have a corporate gift program?
A: Yes, we welcome corporate orders. Please email us with your requirements.

Q: May I ship multiple packages to multiple addresses?
A: Yes, but you will need to put in a new order for each destination. You will be charged standard shipping and handling rates for each "ship-to" address.

Q: I received a gift from a friend that I do not really like. May I return it for something else?
A: No, unfortunately we cannot accept returns at this time. Please let us know and we may allow discounts for future purchases.

Q: Do you ship to Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or overseas?
A: Yes, but shipping costs vary. Please call to place order.