Hengstenberg Crunchy Mini Knax Gherkins - 12.5 oz.

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Great for cocktail events and as garnish for meat, venison or cold cut dishes. German cuisine is famous for its pickled cucumbers, pickled onions sauerkraut and red cabbage. No company is more synonymous with these German staples than Hengstenberg, founded in 1867 in Esslingen near Stuttgart.

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2 Reviews

Pam Wilson 6th Apr 2022

Awesome pickle

Perfect crunch and a perfect balance

Dave Adams 1st Jul 2019

Hengsberg Mini Gherkins

Excellent little gherkins. Not too sweet and not too dill, just a delightful middle-of-the-road combination. I have to be careful not to eat them all at once. Stumbled on to them at a local German restaurant and haven't been able to give them up.

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