Spreewaldhof Original Spreewald Pickled Gherkins in Jar - 24.4 oz.

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Spreewald Gherkins are a specialty food from the Brandenburg region of Spreewald, located about 60 miles Southeast of Berlin. The pickled cucumbers have a distinctly crunchy bite and tart flavor. The Spreewaldgurke (gherkin) is protected by European regional indication law which means this gherkins cannot be produced anywhere else. 

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5 Reviews

Will 4th Mar 2024

Genuine Spreewald pickles

We have traveled to a few towns in the Spreewald and vacationed there more than once. They have fabulous fresh farm goods there and pickles are definitely the start of the show. They have a perfect balance of sweet/sour, are real, barrel cured pickles with jus the right spices. We love these and have a few jars on hand only opening them on special occasions.

Klaus 22nd Apr 2022


Tasty but I prefer pickles without sugar. If Taste of Germany would get Spreewaldhof Salz Dill Gurken I would be very happy to buy them.

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