Kuehne Barrel Pickles in Jar - 35.9 oz.

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Pickled gherkins have a long tradition at Kühne. For many decades, the company - which was founded in Berlin and is now based in Hamburg - sold their famous barrel gherkins in the USA under the export brand name Gundelsheim. After 2012, this Kühne name replaced Gundelsheim because Kühne is better known in Germany and is an umbrella for many pickled products.

So, same product, different brand.

The gherkins are hand-picked and fresh-packed,  only the best get into the jar. A good dash of Kühne-produced vinegar, selected herbs and spices, as well as gherkins from farms in Germany and the Netherlands provide a distinctive flavor aand crunch.

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2 Reviews

Jerry Rice 28th Oct 2021

Good product

Very good pickles

Diane Elenes 6th May 2021

My order reviews.

I, Diane Elenes was very satisfied with my mom's Kuehne Barrel Pickle

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