Kuehne German Barrel Sauerkraut in Jar - 28.5 oz.

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Kuehne offers an authentic, crunchy, tart sauerkraut, based on fermentation traditions of Schleswig Holstein (Northern Germany). Whether it is for pickling vegetables or fruits, making marinades or dressings, refining dishes and sauces - Kuehne has the right vinegar for every occasion!

  •     without preservatives, flavor enhancers, artificial colors
  •     comparatively less salty flavor
  •     gluten free
  •     lactose free
  •     vegetarian
  •     vegan
  •     ingredients from German farms


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1 Review

Dale K. Allen 2nd Mar 2021

Kuhne sauerkraut

The product arrived well packaged to prevent damage. The sauerkraut was tender and tasty and of consistent texture, color and flavor. I find it to be of far higher quality than any of the numerous store bought brands I have tried, even other German brands. I'll stick with Kuhne. My spelling of Kuhne is correct.

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