Mestemacher Whole Rye Bread 17.6 oz.

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This highly nutritious bread consists of whole kernel rye, oats and wheat germs, slowly baked and vacuum-packed for freshness and long shelf life. Mestemacher is Germany's leading Vollkornbrot (whole grain bread) producer. Very unique method to bake the breads while keeping moisture, freshness and wholesomeness of the grains and seeds.

No preservatives, high in fiber, cholesterol free, Kosher (K-Parve),

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3 Reviews

Fred Detlef Nahs 15th Apr 2024

Mestemacher Brot

This bread is just like the bread I ate growing up in Germany. Delicious and healthy and gives you something to chew.

Ulrike Fieglein 20th Jul 2020

Good tasting and healthy

The Mestemacher Whole Rye is a very nice tasting and healthy bread. It is moist yet corny like you would expect from a whole grain bread. This one is my favorite. It is hearty and tastes wonderful with all sorts of toppings. Butter and German Cold Cuts or cream cheese with or without herbs like chives or sliced radishes or cucumber. It also tastes good with jams or other sweet toppings. But the best is a smoked ham like the Old Forest or pancetta or prosciutto di parma with it.

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