Brandt Zwieback 8 oz.

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Zwieback means "zweimal gebacken" (in English "twice baked") and is a dry, airy biscuits best known here as a teething cookie. Germans of all ages love these toast-shaped "rusks" and use them for many occasions: for breakfast, as a snack with butter, cheese or ham, as an ingrdient for lunches, dinners or cakes or light midnight snack. Brandt Zwieback is one of Germany's most iconic food brands and these zwieback are lighter, crispier, and more delicately flavored than their American counterparts. 8 oz. box. A favorite of all ages, Light, wholesome taste, Imported from Germany, Enjoy with coffee or fruit, or use in place of bread crumb. Try yourself why zwieback is a German pantry staple.

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1 Review

Heidi 23rd Oct 2018

Brandt Zweiback

Another "almost impossible" item to find in US stores. I have German recipes that call for Zweiback, and I've tried everything to substitute -- Zweiback is Zweiback and nothing compares if a recipe calls for it. Delighted to find it here!!

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