Mestemacher Westphalian Pumpernickel Whole Grain Bread 8.8 oz.

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This delicious dark whole meal rye bread has a rich & sweet taste, achieved through gentle baking for up to 20 hours. Try it hearty with cheese or ham.
Also available in 500 g size.

Minimum purchase 1 case = 11 eaches.

Ingredients: whole rye meal (60 %), water, sugar syrup, salt, malted barley extract, yeast.

No preservatives.

100g = 3-4 slices provide:

                                                                 particularly important for:

Energy                    782kj (184 kcal)  

Protein                     5,5 g                         Muscles, Cells, Tissues

Carbohydrates       37,9 g                         Performance

of which sugars       1,0 g                 

Fat                           1,2 g                         Energy reserves

   saturated fat         0,3 g                 

Cholesterol                0 g                   

Fiber                       8,0 g                         Healthy Digestion

Sodium                   0,5 g                 


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1 Review

Marion Kassel 16th Feb 2024

Best Pumpernickel

We as Germans love this Pumpernickel! Healthy, yummy, what else do you want :-)

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