Mangberg Orginal Bavarian Limburger Cheese, 7 oz

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This pungent, creamy all-natural cheese is a "must taste" for all real cheese connoisseurs. Made by hand based on century-old Allgaeuland recipes at the Kaeserei Stich (Swabian region of Bavaria).

The cheese contains 40% fat in dry weight and derives from 100% pure alpine milk and Bavarian lacto-bacteria cultures. This spicy-tasting  Limburger has a strong aroma and a unique milky taste.

It browns nicely under the broiler on top of whole grain bread from Westphalia. Or eat it in thin slices with onions, oil, and vinegar, together with dry white wine, like they do in Frankfurt (Handkäse mit Musik).

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1 Review

webekeit 20th Nov 2023

Fantastic... don't be afraid of Limburger

This is an excellent Limburger cheese. I know folks are afraid of it and likely heard stories about how stinky it is and so strong etc. Well its not. I have had other cheeses far stronger and "aromatic" than Limburger. This is really an excellent cheese. Eat is plain, or on a cracker, or try some thinly sliced onion soaked first in a bit of vinegar. Very good stuff. BTW, Taste of Germany packs things so well that you don't have to worry about spoilage during shipment.

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