Stiglmeier Landjaeger Hard Salami Sausages, 1 lbs

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These are 10 dried and smoked Landjaeger dried salami-type sausages (literally: rural hunter sausage) with crunchy casings. Theses sausages require no refrigeration (very low water content) and were traditionally carried by game hunters to serve as snack on long treks. Today, many Germans eat Landjager sausages for Abendbrot dinner, with hot mustard, radishes and crusty bread.

From the Stiglmeier Sausage Co, based in Wheeling, IL and founded by master butcher Anton Stiglmeier over 50 years ago. You can taste the authentic Bavarian heritage. USDA inspected.

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2 Reviews

Gabi 24th Jun 2021


Hard to find these locally and now I don't have to! Taste wonderful, and a great value. Sipped quikly and well refrigerated, but don't have to be. I like them to age a bit for a more authentic dried sausage.

William 23rd Jun 2020

Great snacks,, perfect with beer

Highly recommend these sticks. Great taste, I prefer to let them “age” a day or so to give them that authentic kick of flavour. You can keep them in fridge or outside of fridge (they dry quicker that way). I love them,, all my friends are astounded by these.

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