Stiglmeier "Jaegerwurst" Hunter Sausage, 1 lbs.

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Jagdwurst (Hunter' Sausage) is a pre-cooked sausage (Brühwurst) made from finely ground, lean pork meat that is mixes with coarse ground pork and beef cuts. This sausage is popular all across Germany, usually spiced with pepper, mace, ginger and coriander.  The Stiglmeier version also contains a pea inside the sausage, a colorful addition. Hunter sausages are sliced and consumed as cold cuts on bread, cut into cubes and added to pea soup, or cut into large slices and made into "Jägerschnitzel" an Eastern German specialty (not to be confused with the flat, breaded pork or veal schnitzel with hunter sauce).

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