Stiglmeier "Thuringian" Sausages. 1 lbs.

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This 5 inch, thick sausage is a smoked, pre-cooked "Brühwurst" with finely ground, lean pork and beef meat in a natural casing (adding a crunchy texture), garlic and spices.

This is not the Original Thueringer Rostbratwurst (which is a coarsely ground sausage and a protected European Designated .Specialty), but the North American "appropriation" of the name used for a Cervelat-or Bologna type sausage. Very delicious, great for grilling, sausage salads or standalone sausage with mustard and a bread roll.

The Stiglmeier Thueringer sausage is made from lean pork and beef cuts and includes soy protein.

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