Stiglmeier "Blutwurst" Blood Sausage, 1 lbs.

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Blutwurst (Blood Sausage) is a specialty cooked sausage (Brühwurst) eaten around the world. Traditionally, it is made from the blood of freshly butchered pig, sheep, lamb, cow, or goose. The blood is cooked or dried and then mixed with a filler, such as other meat cuts, bread, barley, oatmeal, buckwheat, vegetable and spices. In Germany, "Blutwurst" is made from pork rind, blood barley and spices. The sausage flavor is meaty and mild, it's color is dark red.

The Stiglmeier blood sausage is based on authentic German recipes and made with pork snout, beef blood, pork meat, a bit of garlic and proprietary spice blend. The sausage is fully cooked and can be frozen.

You can find blood sausages at nearly every meat counter and butcher in Germany and Central Europe. They are particularly popular in Cologne and Berlin where they are consumed either as cold cuts or as a hot, fried dish.

"Flönz" is a popular dish in Cologne with cold blood sausage slices, raw onion rings, extra hot Düsseldorf mustard and rye rolls (a favorite companion to Kölsch beer during carnival).
"Himmel und Erde" (heaven and earth) is a regional favorite from the Rhineland, Berlin and Silesia. Blood sausage is fried together with onion and served with apple sauce or fried  apples chunks on mashed potatoes.
"Tote Oma" (Dead Grandma) is a tongue-in-cheek name for a Berlin recipe involving a mix of blood sausage, liverwurst and potatoes, fried to perfection.

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