Stiglmeier Bavarian-style Bratwurst, finely ground, 1lbs.

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Here are five finely ground bratwurst (1 lbs.) made from pork, veal, and mildly spiced. From the Stiglmeier Sausage Co, based in Wheeling, IL and founded by master butcher Anton Stiglmeier over 50 years ago. You can taste the authentic Bavarian heritage. USDA inspected.

Bratwurst is best prepared on a grill or in the frying pan. The German word "Braten" means to fry. An alternative root is the old-German work Brät which means chopped meat. The best condiment with this sausage is German curry ketchup or medium hot mustard.

More information on the Bratwurst, go to The German Bratwurst Museum

More on German sausages and recipes on

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3 Reviews

Michael W Franke 12th Sep 2023

Stiegelmeier Bratwurst

Excellent product and prompt delivery.

Alexander 2nd Jun 2023


Just as tasty as what you'd expect to get from a restaurant in Munich. Follow the instructions on the page here and you're set.

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