Schaller and Weber

Schaller and Weber Teawurst, 7 oz.

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A specialty sausage, similar to leberwurst, ideally consumed as a spread on whole grain, toasted, or Nordic crisp breads. This type of cold cut sausage became very popular in the 19th century, served in the afternoon as savory snack, alongside cookies, slices of cakes, and a cup of tea. Teawurst has a slightly tangy flavor and creamy texture, which makes it an ideal bread spread.

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  • If inventory of this product is not available, we may ship Stiglmeier Teawurst (Mettwurst), which is very similar in taste and flavor. without further notice. We will issue a refund for the difference in price. Please let us know if you don't want a substitution.
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3 Reviews

Dieter 6th Apr 2022

Good Tea Wurst

It's always good to find German Lunch Meats.

Joanna 21st Mar 2022

Schaller and Weber Teawurst

It has been years since I was able to purchase this teawurst. It was opened immediately when it arrived, and it was so good!!!!! Just like I remembered when the Schaller and Weber stores were here in NYC. Will continue to purchase it. Please continue to have it available!!!!

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