Niederegger "Classics Petit" Dark Chocolate Covered Marzipan Loaf, 15g

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Expected availability is 1st Nov 2024

This dark chocolate covered marzipan "Brot" (loaf) is a classic two-bite size 15g snack opr sweet treat made of 100% Luebecker marzipan (almond-sugar) paste. An irresistible composition of fine artistry and a must have treat for dessert buffets or afternoon coffee hours.

Niederegger is known to produce the world's highest quality marzipan. This confectionary treat made with finely ground almonds, and mixed with natural sugar and rose water, has been popular around the world for over thousand years.

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Expected availability is 1st Nov 2024
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1 Review

Carmen M Buckalew 20th Oct 2021

So Good

Love these but of course I always want more. I like to use these on place settings for the holidays. Will be ordering some more :)

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