Hengstenberg Red Cabbage in Jar (Rotessa) - 24 oz.

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Red cabbage is an essential ingredient in German meals.  Hengstenberg's all natural red cabbage is among the best tasting among German brands.

The red cabbage is harvested in Germany and packed and processed hours after harvesting.

No company is more synonymous with German pickled vegetables than Hengstenberg, founded in 1867 in Esslingen near Stuttgart.

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1 Review

Ulrike Fieglein 13th Jan 2020

The real deal

We are not into sweet red cabbage like others but you get the red cabbage with apple everywhere. So happy I can buy it here without. We always add some roasted bacon to it to make it even more hearty. it taste awesome. especially with a nice pork roast and potato dumpling, or bratwurst and mashed potatoes. Also very good with Hungarian goulash or spaetzli.

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