The Taste of Germany "Make Your Own Christmas Gummies"Kit, 180g

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Expected availability is 1st Nov 2024

With this gummy candy making kit, you can make your own authentic German unicorn gummies within minutes. Simply add mix into hot water, stir, pour syrup into a mold, let it cool ... done. 

The kit contains our Gummy Bear Refill Kit with three flavors and colors - lemon, apple, strawberry - and a reusable Xmas-themed silicone mold. One package will make a minimum total of 90 deliciously chewy Santa, Reindeer and Gingerbread Man gummies.

Instead of water, use juice, tea, soda, or even wine or brandy to boost and customize the flavors.

Made in Germany - the birth place of gummy bears.

A perfect activity for parents and children during the winter holidays, A perfect party gag for young adults (yes, you can add alcohol to the mix, if you are over 21 years of age).

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Expected availability is 1st Nov 2024
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