The Taste of Germany

The Taste of Germany "Knockwurst" Beef and Pork Sausages, 1lbs.

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This finely ground Knockwurst is made from hormone-free, locally-sourced mix of pork and beef, smoked with real beech wood and expertly seasoned with seasoned with garlic and other spices.

The name Knockwurst (or Knackwurst as they are known in Germany) comes from the crackling sound the hog casing makes, when you take a bite. They originated in Northern Germany in the 16th century. We recommend hot Duesseldorf mustard or hot curry ketchup as the condiment of choice.

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Smoked with real beech wood, these sausages are produced for us by Binkert's German Meat Products in Baltimore, based on authentic German recipes and processing techniques.The German-born owner of Binkert’s makes each batch of sausages by hand on a daily, using only the best meat cuts and ingredients which are compliant with the Pork Quality Assurance Certification Program. This means: no unnatural ingredients and the guaranteed humane, healthy treatment of the animals.

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2 Reviews

Kimberly B. 21st Apr 2021

Deutsche Knackwurst

Haven been to Germany in 7 years, but this product absolutely brought Germany to my home. Very authentic in texture and taste, great packaging, shipping was fast. Will order again and again.

Manuela Parris 20th Apr 2020


Excellent taste Excellent shipping Will order again

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