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Taste of Germany Currywurst Sausages Pre-Cooked 1lbs.

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Here is a ready-to eat curry sausage, made from hormone-free, locally-sourced premium pork meat, precooked and expertly seasoned with curry and turmeric. A true German original.

Roasted and smoked with real beech wood, these sausages are produced for us by Binkert's German Meat Products in Baltimore, based on authentic German recipes and processing techniques.

The German-born owner of Binkert’s is a master butcher and makes each batch of sausages by hand on a daily, using only the best meat cuts and ingredients which are compliant with the Pork Quality Assurance Certification Program. This means: no unnatural ingredients and the guaranteed humane, healthy treatment of the animals.

Currywurst is best prepared on a grill or in the frying pan. Add an authentic German curry ketchup or medium hot mustard.

4 sausages, shipped fresh to locations outside the Greater Washington, DC Metropolitan area, net weight 1 lbs.

These sausages have been pre-cooked and frozen. We will ship them with ice packs to keep them cold during most of the shipping time. The sausages may arrive at room temperature, depending on the shipping time and outside temperature. Someone must be present to receive our shipment upon delivery. Shipments with sausages should not sit outside for during warm or hot seasonal temperatures. Please refrigerate immediately after receipt and consume within 2 days.

Please follow the USDA guidelines to store and cook meat products. Always cook/grill/fry sausages at or above 165°F. Potentially harmful bacteria will not survive at these temperatures.



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1 Review

Will Felder 1st Sep 2020


I have been searching for CurryWurst for years. Well, many many years. I have gone to restaurants in various states to find CurryWurst so I had to settle for Bratwurst! Not bad but not CurryWurst! I found this website online and I gave it a try. The sale’s representative told me that they were out of CurryWurst! She kept my name and number. A day or so later they had a new order. Yep, she called and the rest is history! Okay, now about my CurryWurst! It’s a soldier’s dream to have this item! It’s Germany at Best and serves as main staple and memory of our military tours! Yes, I ordered 5 packs and I’m placing an order today! They arrived on time, cold and ready to cook for a memorable dish with fries, Schaller Stivers CurryWurst ketchup Berlin style. You can find it online. My wife and I have enjoyed every meal! I hope they advertised this more so my fellow soldiers can order. Order quick and enjoy the the taste with a beer!

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