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The Taste of Germany Debreziner Smoked Pork and Beef Sausages with Garlic and Red Pepper Pre-Cooked 1lbs.

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Debreziner are pork sausages with a fine texture and reddish-orange colour. The name originated from the Hungarian city of Debrecen and was a popular sausage sold across the entire Austrian-Hungarian empire and Germany. Spiced with paprika, garlic, pepper and marjoram., and laced with tiny pieces of pork, these lightly smoked sausages are sold in pairs joined at the tip. Boil, fry or grill these sausages to you own liking.


These sausages have been pre-cooked and frozen. We will ship them with ice packs to keep them cold during most of the shipping time. The sausages may arrive at room temperature, depending on the shipping time and outside temperature. Someone must be present to receive our shipment upon delivery. Shipments with sausages should not sit outside for during warm or hot seasonal temperatures. Please refrigerate immediately after receipt and consume within 2 days.


Please follow the USDA guidelines to store and cook meat products. Always cook/grill/fry sausages at or above 165°F. Potentially harmful bacteria will not survive at these temperatures.




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