Slawsa Spicy Slaw & Salsa Condiment, 17.6 oz

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Slawsa is a unique cabbage based relish and condiment, a mix between cole slaw and salsa. which adds a uniquely sweet, spicy flavor and texture to your hot dog, grilled sausage or vegetables.

The Original version contains cabbage, mustard, green bell peppers, onions, carrots and flavored with vinegar, turmeric, paprika, other spices and sugar.

Slawsa Spicy features an extra kick of chili pepper.

We found the Slawsa range to be a perfect companion to tart, crisp German sauerkraut. Mix these two together and you'll have a perfect German-American flavor combination and relish for wieners, bratwurst, beer brats, knockwurst, debreziner and other sausages.

Slawsa is made by Nicole Foods in North Carolina, USA.


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