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Schaller & Weber Frisian-style "Pinkelwurst" (pork, beef and oats), 1 lbs

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Enjoy this iconic sausage popular in Northern Germany, especially in the area of Oldenburg and Bremen in East and West Frisian region. Pinkelwurst is made from por, beef and oats - a type of sausage called "Grützwurst" (loosely translated in English "sausage with grits"). This type of sausage mixes coarsely ground pork meat and lard with oats or barely and is usually boiled (not fried). The cereals soak up the fat and meat flavors which gives this kind of sausage a distinct taste and texture.

Pinkelwurst is traditionally eaten with Grünkohl (cooked or pickled kale) and boiled potatoes.

Many sausage connoisseurs wonder about the name "Pinkel." This word has many meanings in the German language. It denotes "to pee" or urinate. It's a derogatory term for wealthy, show-off snobs ("Der feine Pinkel). The East Frisians use "pinkie"  as a joke to mean "small finger" or small male genital.  Yet the name Pinkelwurst most likely derives from the word "Pinker" which is the name of the intestinal casing used to be stuffed with ground meat and cereals.

Pinkelwurst with Grünkohl is a delicacy best served with export lager, such as Dortmunder, or Pilsner beer.

Here is the recipe.

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