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Mr Candy Baker Make Your Own "Weed" Gummy Bears

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The Mr. Candy Baker Gummy Bear Making Kit includes three powdered mixes with natural flavors/colors: Lemon, Raspberry, Apple.

This offer includes a gummy bear and a cannabis leaf silicon mold. The right gift to celebrate April 20 Cannabis Day. (This product does not contain any cannabis derived substance).

Simply dissolve the powder in a hot liquid of your choice. We recommend a fruit juice, like orange or apple, fruity soda like Bionade, Cola, any alcoholic beverage of you choice (we recommend wine, gin or vodka) or simple water. Pour syrup into the mold (provided) and freeze for 30 minutes. Ready! Enjoy your fruit gummy leaf creations, as cake decoration or fruity snacks.

Of course, you can use this gummy mix for any shape you like.

Invented in Switzerland, made in Germany - the birth place of gummy bears.

A perfect gift for young and old adults over 21 years of age, for use at birthdays, frat parties, Easter or Winter holidays.



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1 Review

Mally 19th May 2021

Great product

Great product shipped fast

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