Meica Deutschlander Premium German Sausage

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The only truly authentic German sausage available in the United States. Meica Deutschlander is a cooked sausage of the highest quality. They are made from 87% prime pork meat - which is very high in comparison to even the best US made hot dogs - smoked with beech wood, spiced, flavored and filled into natural pork casings for extra crunch.

The sausages are vacuum sealed into glass jars and carefully cooked in brine inside the jar. This is why the sausages don’t need refrigeration but taste fresh, wholesome, meaty and authentically delicious.

Deutschländer sausages are the essential ingredient to your Oktoberfest party - just add hot Löwensenf, Hengstenberg or Alstertor mustard, delicious Hengstenberg sauerkraut and - of course - the original Hofbrau beer. They also are the perfect ingredient for potato soup, goulash or shashlik.

The Meica production facility in Edewecht, near Bremen, is regularly subjected to the most demanding safety and quality inspections, both by German authorities and the USDA.

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1 Review

Tammy 26th May 2021


Absolutely love these sausages. Glad I could find them in the USA.

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