Maintal Bavarian Gooseberry Fruit Spread 11.6 oz

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Maintal Konfitueren is Bavaria's leading organic and conventional fruit preserve and fruit jelly producer. A family business since 1886, Maintal knows how to turn rare berries and super-fruits into tasty,nutritious and convenient sweet spreads. No GMO, gluten free, vegan, lactose free, and free of soy and yeast.æ A perfect addition to breakfast rolls, snacks, meat, fish, desserts and cakes.

Please note: the same product is sold both under the Maintal or Landsberg brand in the US. We may send you this product under either brand.

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5 Reviews

Isabel 15th Dec 2021

Maintal gooseberry fruit spread

a wonderful way to start the day with the taste of childhood. imagining going gooseberry picking. lovely.

Elisabeth Bracey 30th Sep 2020

Gooseberry fruit spread

Delicious reminds me of my childhood

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