Maintal Bavarian Rosehip Fruit Spread 11.6 oz

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This is Germany's leading brand of rosehip jam, with just the right sweet-sour flavor.  A healthy super-fruit, rosehips are full of Vitamin C and essential minerals.

Rosehip jam is a must have during the winter season, especially around Karneval. It's a German/Franconian tradition to fill Karneval donuts with rosehip jam. (See Rosehip Donut recipe here.)

Maintal Konfitueren is Bavaria's leading organic and conventional fruit preserve and fruit jelly producer.  A family business since 1886, Maintal turns rare berries and super-fruits into tasty, nutritious and convenient sweet spreads. Non GMO, gluten free, vegan, lactose free, and free of soy and yeast.

A perfect addition to breakfast rolls, snacks, meat, fish, desserts and cakes.

Please note: occasionally we will ship Maintal Rosehip jam jars that are sold under the Landsberg brand, but are the same products, without further notice.


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4 Reviews

Dennis Murray 27th Jul 2022

{ MAINTAL } Rosehip Fruit Spread

I really like this product..... I use it in Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt a huge tablespoon full and it makes the yogurt taste GREAT and gives it a pretty Pink Color.

Robin Peinado 30th Jan 2021

Rosehip fruit spread

Absolutely wondeful, will buy bulk

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