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Lebkuchen Schmidt "Kaiserlein" Large Elisen Gingerbread Squares, 5 pc.

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These rectangular, large brown gingerbread,  covered in dark chocolate couverture, feature an oblaten wafer with the image of 15th century Emperor Frederick III who ruled Nuremberg and the rest of the German-Roman empire. Take a bold bite into this gingerbread, and you'll get a fruity surprise: an extremely delicious orange filling in the center of the gingerbread. We are sure that by now you too will be a fan of our Kaiserlein, the extraordinary gingerbread with that fruity extra.

Baked according to an old traditional recipe, the "Kaiserlein" Lebkuchen contain 27 percent orange fruit preparation. This mixture of spicy gingerbread dough, slightly tart orange and bittersweet dark chocolate makes the "Kaiserlein" a special taste experience for all lovers of unusual types of gingerbread.

5 pc. / Net weight 8.8 oz (250g)

Made by Lebkuchen Schmidt, one of Nürnberg's most famous gingerbread producers, founded in 1928. This company also owns the venerable Wicklein brand, founded in 1620.


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