Lambertz Domino Steine Gingerbread Marzipan Squares 4.4 oz

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This is one of the must-have German Christmas cookie treats. These squares are made of a gingerbread bottom, topped by layers of marzipan and jam and covered in dark chocolate. Delicious! From Lambertz, founded in 1620, one of the premier cookie companies based in Aachen.

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3 Reviews

L.Slaughter 4th Dec 2023

Domino Gingerbread squares

So delicious, 2-3 with coffee and so smooth and creamy. Gingerbread is just perfect.

RodZ 4th Nov 2021

I LOVE these!

The combo of flavors starting with a soft, delicious gingerbread combined with fruity middle topped with Marzipan and covered in chocolate... Need I say anything more? I have been in love with the Domino Steine since the first time I tried one in Germany in the early 90's. So happy to be able to get them in US.

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