Grocholl Bratkartoffeln German Fried Potatoes with Onions, 14 oz.

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Bratkartoffeln or German fried potatoes, thinly sliced, with crisp outside and soft inside, are an integral part of German cuisine. They go well with canned or pickled herring, pork roast or as stand-alone meal. But who has time to cut and fry them ... and clean the mess afterwards. If you are looking for a convenient alternative, try Grocholl sliced potatoes with onions. Simply empty the pack into a pan, fry with little oil and enjoy after less than 10 minutes. Made in Lower Saxony, Germany from locally sourced potatoes. A great standby dish for your cupboard.

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1 Review

Bernd Reimers 26th Nov 2019


German style (seasoned) fried potatoes. Goes great with almost anything, like chicken frikadellen, pork roast and others.

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