Vitam Porcini Mushroom Bouillon Paste, 5.3 oz

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Vitam Porcini Mushroom bouillon paste is made with porcini mushrooms, parsley, sunflower oil and natural spices, plus an added umami boost from classic natural yeast extract. This bouillon and drinking-broth brings the flavors of autumn to you table.

The bouillon paste is ideal for refining mushroom dishes and cream soups. They also imbue a fine forest mushroom aroma to risotto, potatoes and pasta sauces. The porcini yeast bouillon is particularly recommended for the preparation of bechamel sauces for lasagne or moussaka.

• Purely plant-based
• Low in calories
• Relatively low in sodium t
• Gluten free
• without the addition of flavor enhancers

I jar contains 30 servings and yields the equivalent of 7.5 liter of soup!

VITAM porcini yeast bouillon can be portioned as desired and is easily soluble - if necessary even in cold liquids or stir-fries. We recommend adding 1 tsp (approx. 5 g) for 250 ml water or 1 tsp tip for 50 ml/5 tbsp liquid directly to the food.

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, sea salt, sunflower oil, spices* (contain celery), porcini mushrooms, yeast extract, raw cane sugar

Made by Vitam, a family owned company founded in 1928 and located in Hamelin, Germany.  One of the oldest and best known brands for vegan savory spreads in Germany.



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