Vitam Organic "Lemon Zest" Powder, 10g

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Lemon Zest Powder: Immediately soluble, to use for cakes, desserts, sauces and drinks

Vitam "Like lemon peel" offers you the typical zesty taste of lemon peel in powdered form, a convenient standby alternative to fresh fruit. The powder is made of organic lemon peel and maltodextrin and instantly flavors baked goods, desserts, drinks and homemade sauces in a purely natural way.

Dosage: 1 heaped teapoon (5 g) corresponds to the zest of a lemon.

When baking, dough tastes fresher when you add 2 teaspoons of Vitam "Like lemon zest". Also ideal for sweet casseroles, soufflés, puddings and quark dishes as well as in cooked sauces, mixed milk drinks, hot lemon and mulled wine.

For cooking, baking and seasoning.

Ingredients: maltodextrin*; natural lemon peel aroma from dried organic lemons* (4.4%) (*from controlled organic cultivation)

Made by Vitam, a family owned company founded in 1928 and located in Hamelin, Germany.  One of the oldest and best known brands for vegan savory spreads in Germany.



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