Niederegger Lübeck Marzipan Easter Egg Variation, with brandy, 5.3 oz

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These Niederegger Easter eggs are in a Easter-themed oval box. They come covered in either milk or dark chocolate and contain praline and marzipan, plus four different flavors of alcohol: Plum Armagnac, Apple Calvados, Rum Croquant, Mirabella Plum Brandy.

Niederegger is known to produce the world's highest quality marzipan. This confectionary treat made with finely ground almonds, and mixed with natural sugar and rose water, has been popular around the world for over thousand years.

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3 Reviews

Dr. Janet Herrmann 25th Apr 2019


Loved it! My husband is from Germany and really appreciated this !

James H Creviston 10th Apr 2019

NIEDEREGGER Niederegger Marzipan Easter Eggs (with alcohol)

These are great, reminds me of being back ion Germany at my grandmothers

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