Niederegger Lübeck Marzipan Classics, Spring Master Selection, 7 oz

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New in the Niederegger collection: a gift box with 16 assorted marzipan treats in 4 different flavors. You will find cheesecake marzipan, nougat with crispy waffle bits, chocolate toffee crunch praline and a chocolate mousse praline. Niederegger is known to produce the world's highest quality marzipan. This confectionery treat made with finely ground almonds, and mixed with natural sugar and rose water, has been popular around the world for over thousand years. The marzipan mass is 100% marzipan (almond-sugar) paste, an irresistible composition of fine Niederegger artistry and a conversation piece for every dessert table, or a fabulous, unforgettable gift item!


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