Niederegger "Classics" Dark Chocolate Pistachio Marzipan Pralines., 4pc., 1.8 oz

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Expected availability is 1st Nov 2024

Four premium Niederegger "Classics" chocolate covered marzipan bites (50g), made with the world's best pistachio nut marzipan. This 3-pack is especially well suited as small gift or sweet snack in-between for coffee flavor lovers.

Luebecker Marzipan is made from chopped almonds or pitachio nuts, mixed with sugar and rose water.

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Expected availability is 1st Nov 2024
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1 Review

Val 3rd Feb 2021

My favorite!

This is hands-down my favorite flavor of Niederegger marzipan. I've had the classic, espresso, pineapple, and orange flavors. I think the espresso, pineapple, and orange have stronger flavors, but that overwhelms the flavor of the marzipan just a bit for me. The pistachio flavor is very subtle but definitely present in the perfect amount. If I could buy all pistachio in bulk, I would absolutely do it.

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