Lambertz Aachen Chocolate Printen Lebkuchen in Bag

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Aachener Printen were developed in the early 1800s in the city of Aachen (Aix le Chapelle) as an advancement to the lebkuchen baking arts. They contain a special combination of the finest flour, sugar molasses, honey, and cinnamon, anise, cloves, cardamon, coriander, and turmeric, and candied oranges and lemons. The name Aachener Printen has rhe EU protection of designated origin, that is only bakers from the city of Aachen can make and call their products Aachener Printen. The chocolate covered printen were invented by Lambertz, established in 1622 and once a supplier to Royal Courts throughout Europe.

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2 Reviews

Johanna Barr 2nd Nov 2022

AAchen chocolate printen

When my European father was alive he received Aachen printen from from old friends in the Aachen area every Christmas. So delicious and nothing like them in our part of Texas. Now that he is gone I can renew his family tradition thanks to Taste of Germany!

Marie Gasau 27th Dec 2014

Christmas Tradition

My husband comes from a German immigrant family. Every Christmas his Tante Betty sent a box of Lambertz Printen to each family household. Thanks to The Taste of Germany, this year we renewed that tradition. The cookies are an intense gingerbread--with bits of crunchy crystalized ginger. The chocolate is dark and rich. This is a treat to be savored slowly in order to appreciate the complex flavors and textures--preferably with a good hot tea or coffee. A true German comfort food.

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