Knorr Traditional Austrian Bread Dumplings Boil in Bag 7 oz

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These premium quality Austrian bread dumplings are made from dry coarse bread crumbs which gives the dumpling a distinct flavor, "bite" and texture. The dumpling goes well with veal shank, sausages and pork.

Makes 6 dumplings, 3 portions. See recipe for Bread Dumplings with Green Salad and Radishes in Vinaigrette.

Made by Knorr in Austria. This pack contains 6 dumplings (3 portions), which are quick and easy to make.

Ingredients: 72% bread rolls (wheat flour, salt, yeast, sunflower oil, paprika) starch, palm oil, wheat flour, egg powder, semolina flour, salt, parsley, natural flavors, yeast extract, turmeric. Can contain traces of milk and celery.

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