Eichbaum "Lemon Radler" Carbonated Beverage , 500ml

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Eichbaum Lemon Radler is a deliciously refreshing non-alcoholic, carbonated beverage, with a mix of lemonade and malt brew (produced like a beer with hops, barley malt, and water) Flavored with lemonand orange juices and sweetened with natural malt sugar (maltose).

Eichbaum Lemon Radler is the perfect fruity thirst quencher for hot summer days in your home beer garden, back yard or party.

It is also a perfect ingredient for mocktails and cocktails. For the latter, simply add vodka, gin, a dash of colorful berry syrup, aperitif and other ingredients to make a tasty spritzer drink.

Founded in 1679, the Eichbaum Brauerei brewery is the oldest brewery in Mannheim, Baden Württemberg, and a well known brand in the area.40


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