De Beukelaer

De Beukelaer Chocolate Citrus Refreshment Sticks, 75 g.

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These dark chocolate sticks with zesty lemon and orange liquid filling are a beloved German specialty that delights young and old. We call them Erfrischungsstaebchen (refreshment sticks) With one bite, you get a kick from the mix of tart orange and lemon juice concentrate and sweet chocolate. Also sold under the Sarotti brand. We will use these brands interchangeably without prior notice.

  • Vegan
  • No artificial colors and flavors
  • Made in Germany

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2 Reviews

Amy 5th Mar 2021


Great product, just note expiration date is European style, I thought it expired but I was incorrect. I highly recommend this delicious treat

David Martin 15th May 2020

De Beukelaer Chocolate Citrus Refreshment Sticks

These are an AWESOME little Treat to enjoy. I'm very fortunate to have found them.

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