Make Your Own Bavarian-style Pretzel at Home

The "pretzel boys" can be proud of their accomplishment: they helped to make Bavarian-style pretzels. Crunchy crust, soft inside. Perfect for dinner, as lunch snack or for breakfast (we recommend adding berry jam or plum butter). Want to teach your children the art of baking pretzels? 

With Kathi German pretzel baking mix you have all dry ingredients you need. Mix the included yeast, base flour mix with water and butter into a dough ball, let the dough rise, roll the dough out, shape the pretzels (which is easier than you think), brush pretzels with the included food-grade lye mix, sprinkle with the included coarse-grained salt and bake. The result: home-made German pretzels for dinner, proud boys and girls, and a smile on everyone's face.