Kathi German Pretzel Baking Mix Kit 14.6 oz

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If you’re craving for an authentically tasting Bavarian beer garden pretzel,  here is the solution to make your own. The flour mix, food-grade lye and coarse salt are all included in the mix, just add a bit of oil and water. A perfect companion to Bavarian mustard, radish and beer.


Package contains 393 g Base Mix, 7 g dried yeast, 10 g food grade lye mix, 5 g coarse salt.


Kathi Rainer Thiele GmbH is one of Germany’s leading baking mix brand, a winner of numerous innovation and quality awards. The mixes enable home cooks to make great tasting and impressively looking cakes and pastries. They require just a few fresh ingredients and three simple steps and contain superb, GMO free ingredients sourced from domestic fields. Kathi is a testimony to Germany’s high quality, artisan baking traditions.

To read "Best By" codes on Kathi products: look for a 9 digit code on the top of the box. The second and third digit indicate the month (eg, 10 would mean the end of October). The fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth digits indicate the year.

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3 Reviews

Chris 1st Jun 2021

Awesome and Delicious

Bought a box from a German store, and was good. Found online and purchased from here in quantities of 8 (you won't find cheaper). Pretzels are very soft. Overall time from start to finish can be anywhere between 1-2 hours (depending on how fast your dough rises). The more your dough rises, the bigger your pretzels will be. Our first box they were relatively small. I was able to get them to rise more on the second box. If you like a good pretzel, these are hard to beat if you like to make them yourself!

11th Nov 2017


these are so easy to make, taste delicious, my hubby loves them, will have to order more

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