Almdudler: The National Drink of Austria

Ever had an Almdudler, this Austrian soda with a refreshing blend of grape juice, apple juice, and 32 natural alpine herbs? It's worth a try. The taste is lightly herbal and not too much sweetness which makes it a perfect ingredient to many types of cocktails. One reason, why this soda has surged in popularity and is the second most popular non-alcoholic drink in Austria. 

Almdudler was created in 1957 by Erwin Klein. His grandfather owned a small soda company and had strong influence over Erwin. Erwin used his grandfather's soda-making skills as inspiration for a unique wedding present to his wife, Ingrid. The first bottle of Almdudler belonged to her. The name comes from the popular Austrian phrase "auf der Alm dudeln," which translates to "yodeling in the alpine meadows."

Later, Klein marketed his drink at sporting events as an alternative to alcohol and today, Almdudler is also very popular when mixed with wine or beer. Check out the Tyrolian Almdudler Wine Spritzer or the Alpine Meadow Vodka Raspberry on for some inspiration.

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