Almdudler Austrian Soft Drink with Alpine Herbs 11.2 fl oz

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Almdulder is an iconic Viennese soft drink made from a blend of 32 natural alpine herbs, beet sugar, citric acid and soda water. It is highly refreshing, slightly tangy, and lightly sparkling with a pleasant herbal aftertaste.

Invented in 1975 by Erwin Klein in Vienna Austria. the herbal blend includes the essential oils of alpine flora such as lemon balm, sage, gentian, elderflower and coneflower. No preservatives or additives, certified vegan in the EU.

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2 Reviews

Michael 6th Mar 2023

Must Have

Great tasting energy drink to have for the mid-day boost to keep things moving.

Clinton 28th Jun 2021

A favorite

While on my quest to track down Kräuter Bionade I stumbled onto Almdudler and had forgotten how much I missed it. It’s a wonderfully refreshing drink, especially for summer. I was also very happy with the obvious care taken in packaging and shipping the product to me. If you’ve not tried it, it’s a must!

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