Aurora "Landbrot" Bread Flour Mix, Country-style Crust, 17.5 oz

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Aurora is one of Germany's best known flour brands. This Country-style bread making flour mix ("Landbrot") contains 52% rye flour, 35% wheat flour, rye whole grain sour dough, yeast, wheat bran, barley malt flour and more. A perfect solution to make your own German country (Landbrot), either in the overn or in the bread making machine.


Rye flour (52%), wheat flour, sour dough powder (from whole grain rye), glucose, dry yeast, iodized salt, barley malt flour, ascorbic acid

 All Aurora bread flour mixes contain ingredients based on a selection of natural, quality raw materials. Only the best grains are mixed and milled in a careful process. Only sour dough and yeast make the dough rise. All ingredients are subject to the strictest quality controls.

 Instructions when using bread making machines: Ingredients: 500g bread flour mix, 340ml water (cold, 10-12°C); Program: bread, normal browning: dark

Instructions when using the oven: Ingredients: 500g bread flour mix, 340ml water (lukewarm, 35-40°C)

  1. Preheat oven to 215 °C / 420° F (200°C in convection oven)
  2. Combine bread flour mix and water in a bowl. Using a hand mixer with kneading hook, knead dough for three minutes on highest level until it is soft and homogenous. Cover dough with a cloth and let rest for 30 minutes in a warm place until dough has significantly risen. *
  3. Knead dough again briefly by hand, place dough into bread loaf pan (25cm), smooth surface with spatula and let rise again in a warm place for another 40 minutes.
  4. Brush water on the dough surface, cut an incision lengthwise with a sharp knife, and place form on middle level in the pre-heated oven.
  5. Bake for 50 minutes, remove loaf pan from oven and place bread on wooden board or grill to cool.

 * In some places with higher altitude, we recommend preheating the oven to 200°F, place dough into oven and switch off heat.

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