Wicklein Mini Elisen Baked Apple Glazed Gingerbread Rounds 5.3oz

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Elisen Lebkuchen (Gingerbreads) are the Rolls Royce version of Nuernberg Lebkuchen. Made with over 40% of tree nuts, oriental spices and other selected ingredients. A true Christmas treat from Wicklein in Nuernberg.

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2 Reviews

Kim Grant 2nd Dec 2020

Holy moly!

I love these cookies!! Little pieces of dried apple along with apple in the glaze make them a winner. Sweet without being too sweet. I will definitely be ordering again!

Sally Hovis 16th Oct 2020

Love these cookies - BUT....not what was pictured

These cookies are one of my favorites. I had them for the first time in Nuremberg a year ago. But what I received tastes much more like apple than I remember. In fact, the individual packages say "Baked Apple" instead of "with sweet icing." I will keep what I ordered, but I will call and talk to a sales rep if I order them again to make sure I'm getting the plain sweet icing version and not the baked apple versions.

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