Wicklein Oblaten Lebkuchen 14% Nuts, Glazed, 7 oz

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Authentic Nuernberg Gingerbread rounds with 14% mixed nut content and sugar glaze and the traditional oblaten wafer at the bottom.

Straight from the world's most famous gingerbread metropole, Nuernberg, made by Wicklein, established in 1615.

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1 Review

Henry Higgins 9th Nov 2020


How good are these cookies ???? .... well, when the package was delivered to the house and we opened it, my wife grabbed a box of these cookies and ran out of the room ! ... she and I love these and I have to fight to get any... :-) ... GREAT DELIVERY service from The taste of Germany - well packed and nothing was damaged. We also ordered some jams/jellies but I have not tried them as yet BUT if you want the cookies I offer a 1,000% guarantee you'll be pleased ! Also ordering thru The Taste of Germany saves time and effort for my friends in Germany to mail us some...

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