The Taste of Germany Sampler

The Taste of Germany Licorice Collection, 11pc. - SPECIAL PRICE

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You love licorice? This carefully curated collection is for you (or any other licorice lover). Enjoy a varoety of German, Dutch, Italian, Finnish and US made licorice flavors and products in different shapes and flavors.

This collectiomn contains:

  • Haribo "Schnecken" Licorice Wheels, Salty Licorice Pretzels, "Salino" Licorice Diamonds, and "Piratos" Coins
  • Katjes German Licorice Cats and Cat Paws
  • Gustafs Dutch Licorice Beagles, "Iced" Licorice and Mint Sticks and Italian-made Licorice Wheels
  • Gerrit's Licorice Chewing Gum
  • Wallaby's USA Licorice Sticks

Based on availability, we may substitute one or more items with similar items from the same brand of equal value.

Packed in our "German Delights" gift box.

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